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Culturally Responsive Teaching Faculty Learning Community 

Culturally Responsive Teaching Faculty Learning Community is a one-year long learning community, with an optional second year, designed for faculty members who have participated in a previous Faculty Learning Community (FLC) related to teaching and learning and are familiar with basic ideas of how people learn.  We focus on the role of culturally responsive teaching in fostering student learning and students' sense of belonging.  Participants read about and discuss equity-minded, inclusive, evidence-based teaching practices and implement best practices in teaching. 

Cohort 1 of this FLC began in January 2021 and cohort 2 will begin in August 2021.  Each cohort begins with an Institute lasting two half-days. The group meets two hours monthly during the academic year, with another Institute occurring mid-year. Participants are encouraged to practice implementing small changes in their courses during the first semester of the FLC and to use the mid-year institute to design more significant course changes that will be implemented in the second semester.  Participants who continue for an optional second year (available for cohort 1 only) will conduct a scholarship of teaching and learning project to assess their course redesign and to present or publish what they have learned from it.

Andreas Beyersdorf Chemistry / Biochemistry
Angela Horner Biology
Bree Putman Biology
Heather Abushanab Physics
James Hayashi Mathematics
Jason Burke Chemistry / Biochemistry
Karen Kolehmainen Physics
Kassandra Harding Health Science & Human Ecology

Lamies Nazzal

Min-Lin Lo Mathematics
Safieh Ladani Chemistry / Biochemistry
Shawn McMurran Mathematics
Zhaojing Chen Kinesiology