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Kate Liszka

CSUSB’s High Performance Computing Program earned the 2024 Innovations in Networking Award for Research Applications by CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California) for supporting faculty with National Research Platform resources.
March 5, 2024

“The High Performance Computing Program at CSUSB supported by the National Research Platform and CENIC has opened up tremendous opportunities for faculty-led innovation and research at our university,” said Samuel Sudhakar, chief financial officer and vice president for the division of finance, technology and operations.

Kate Liszka (left), associate professor of history and Benson and Pamela Harer Fellow in Egyptology at Cal State San Bernardino, and “Price Is Right” host Drew Carey.
October 27, 2023

Being a contestant on the game show was a lifelong bucket-list item for Liszka, associate professor of history and Benson and Pamela Harer Fellow in Egyptology.

Georgia Barker
October 27, 2023

The program, “Preparing for Eternity: Funerary Models and Wall Scenes from the Egyptian Old and Middle Kingdoms,” will be presented by Georgia Barker, this year’s W. Benson Harer Egyptology Scholar in Residence. The talk, in person and on Zoom, is open to the public.

Georgia Barker
August 31, 2023

While at CSUSB, Barker will teach a course, “Journey to the Beyond: Funerary Art in Egypt from the Predynastic Period to the Late Period,” a unique class that mixes the study of ancient Egyptian funerary art with modern museum collecting practices and ethics.

JHBC, Faculty in the News
April 11, 2023

Tony Coulson (cybersecurity) discussed the dangers of using public cell phone chargers, Kate Liszka (history) was featured in an article about the Wadi el-Hudi Expedition, Mike Kohout (geography) and Jeremy Murray (history) are coordinating a forum on the region’s warehouse industry, and Jason P. Jung (biology) was part of a team that recently published a study on the knuckle-walking Sahelanthropus tchadensis.

Some of the members of Wadi el-Hudi Expedition at archaeological excavation site in Egypt.
April 7, 2023

Dozens of CSUSB students have worked with the Wadi el-Hudi Expedition both in Egypt and at CSUSB getting firsthand experience with primary faculty-led research. The expedition recently excavated two ancient houses and an ancient Egyptian mining settlement, and discovered six new archaeological sites.


Faculty in the News, Student Housing
March 27, 2023

Kelly Campbell (psychology) was interviewed for an article about dealing with stress related to personal finances, Kate Liszka and Kasia Szpakowska (history) are featured in a new mini-series on ancient Egypt, Yunfei Hou (computer science and engineering) is helping to organize a data science summer fellowship, and Leslie R. Amodeo and Dionisio A. Amodeo (psychology) led a team of researchers that published a study on selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), medications that are commonly used by pregnant women.

Screen capture from the Wondrium series “The Real Ancient Egypt”
March 24, 2023

Kate Liszka, associate professor of history and the Benson and Pamela Harer Fellow in Egyptology, and Kasia Szpakowska, W. Benson Harer Egyptology Scholar in Residence in spring 2021, play major roles in the nine-episode series.

Jessica Tomkins, a past W. Benson Harer Egyptology Scholar in Residence at CSUSB, showing young students some of the Ancient Egypt collection at the university’s Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art.
November 10, 2022

The Advanced Certificate in Egyptology is designed for advanced, independent education in an effort to produce scholars and academics who want to do Egyptology.