Alumnus Gustavo Marin is passionate about defining his future and encourages people to follow their dreams. After graduating from CSUSB, he was confident that he could achieve his dream of owning his own business thanks to the tools he learned within his master's program.

Marin takes us on a journey to discuss how he came from days where shelter was not available to now owning two successful businesses. He emphasizes that it starts with a decision: "Decide to go to college, decide not to be on welfare, decide to make a change." A first-generation student, Marin felt the pressure of setting the standard and being the first to receive a master's degree. He believes it's important for people to know that higher education is obtainable and accessible.

Marin encourages future first-generation students to break down barriers. He states it is not easy, but it starts with putting your mind to it and following your passion.