Associate professor of social work, Armando Barragan, is passionate about how diversity at CSUSB helps students and professors get a well-rounded college experience. Barragan’s motivation to go to college came from his parents, who immigrated from Mexico to the United States. Realizing education was an opportunity not all people are afforded, he trailblazed his way through school to become a first-generation college student. Being a professor, Barragan realized that many students come from similar backgrounds as himself. 

Barragan’s inspiration for teaching comes from knowing he can relate to a diverse group of students and be a positive role model in their lives. Barragan believes it is important to have diversity among students and faculty because it gets people out of their comfort zone and helps them understand the world through different perspectives. As a college student, diversity showed Barragan opportunities he didn’t know were possible, and led him on his journey toward achieving a doctoral degree in social work. He hopes to continue to inspire CSUSB students and show them all the opportunities possible through hard work and perseverance.

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB and we are proud to represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.