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Gregory Gondwe: Uncovering stereotypes in generative AI models and how journalists in sub-Saharan Africa use ChatGPT 

Newsroom Robots

Gregory Gondwe, CSUSB assistant professor of communication studies, joins Nikita Roy, host of The AI in Journalism Podcast, to discuss the embedded stereotypes and biases in Generative AI models that put the Global South at a disadvantage. He also shares his insights on the state of Generative AI in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute referenced in article about struggling theaters

Coachella Valley Independent

In an article about the struggles theaters continue to face post-pandemic, the author recalls to a story Kevin Fitzgerald wrote a few months ago, about older adults who have not been as socially active since the shutdowns. This was the topic of a panel discussion at the Cal State San Bernardino’s Palm Desert Campus, organized by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, where nationwide attendance is down about 30 percent compared to pre-pandemic times.

“Recently we had an event here, and I asked one of our former OLLI members why she hadn’t come back to campus,” said Angela Allen, OLLI’s executive director, during the panel discussion. “… She said, ‘You know, Angela, it’s just so hard to come. And it was just so easy to stay home.’ So all of these things made me start thinking: Is there something going on here? Is there some kind of a syndrome, a group of symptoms that are going on? There’s fear, depression and loneliness that seem to be (affecting) our senior population.”

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