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School safety: Active shooter prevention seminar held at CSUSB Palm Desert Campus


March 31, 2023

Following a rise in school shootings in recent years, members of the community came to the Cal State San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus to be a part of a Zero Tolerance training.

It’s where they learned about what could be done in order to prevent another one from happening.

Thomas McWeeney, a professor for CSUSB, said there are plenty of ways to implement safety measures in classrooms.

“It’s the accountability in the school itself to have some process of looking at, is that gate open? Is the door locked? Have we checked that information? Did we hear something? What do we do with it?” he said.

Writing haiku can help open our eyes to things around us 

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin/The Sun/The Press-Enterprise/Redlands Daily Fact

March 31, 2023 

Chad Sweeney, professor of creative writing at CSUSB and author of several books of poetry and translation, wrote a column on how writing haiku can help “to restore us, to connect us to our bodies and the world around us.” He also wrote, “let’s not worry about the syllable count, as this traditional requirement is most often omitted in modern haiku, allowing us to focus on other elements, such as the practice of being fully alive in the moment. So let’s connect with our lives through haiku’s three short lines, something noticed, something lovely, fascinating, intriguing, or simply true.” 

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