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Profiles of civic assets among youth of color: Relations with civic action
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology

Stacy Morris (child development), cowrote an article that “investigated how the civic assets of critical reflection (analysis of oppression), civic efficacy (feeling that one's civic action will be effective), and social responsibility (sense of duty to support one's community) manifest within 284 youth of color.”

Exploring the Hidden Realities of Latinx/é Contingent Faculty in STEM
Journal of Latinos and Education

José A. Muñoz (sociology) cowrote an essay with Idalis Villanueva Alarcón (engineering, University of Florida) that “provides an overview of the literature exploring the realities of contingent faculty at U.S. universities and colleges with a focus on STEM. We focus our review of the literature by exploring the experiences of Latinx/é contingent faculty in STEM and propose a series of conceptual frameworks that can be used to explore the hidden professional realities of this population.”

The Organization of Networking and Gender Inequality in the New Economy: Evidence from the Tech Industry
Work and Occupations

Ethel Mickey (sociology) wrote a paper on networking and its impact on gender inequality. “Through fifty interviews with workers from one tech company and nine months of observations, I ask: (1) In the new economy, with intense networking demands, how does gender structure the networking strategies of workers? And (2) How does the organization of networking contribute to gender inequality?”

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