A new program on Cal State San Bernardino’s Coyote Radio, “Life in the Balance,” is focused on the how we manage work and life, and how the two intersect. The show will premiere on Friday, Sept. 23.

“Life in the Balance” will air at 10 a.m. every Friday, with new shows every other week, on Coyote Radio, the university’s student-run radio station that streams worldwide 24/7. The new show can be heard online on the Coyote Radio website or though smart phones on the myCoyote app.

Hosting the show are Mark Agars, director of CSUSB’s Institute for Child Development and Family Relations (ICDFR) and professor of psychology, alongside Casey Leier, director of Research and Evaluation at Health Assessment and Research for Communities (HARC), and a CSUSB alumna.

The show will feature discussions around the work-life interface, offering listeners empathy, understanding and informed solutions for the struggles they face in their own lives.

The messages from “Life in the Balance” will support people in their very common professional struggles, and that even though life places unrealistic demands on us from all directions, each of us has the power to find, develop and choose paths that serve our personal, professional and familial well-being.

“Navigating work and family responsibilities is a challenge for all of us – perhaps now more than ever,” said Agars. “We want to expose those challenges and offer folks ideas and solutions for prioritizing their personal goals around work, family and health.”

Said Leier, “Too often we fail to recognize the power we have in creating a healthy work-life balance. My hope is that in discussing these topics, we can help everyone to proactively create the reality that works for them.”