A Native American faculty member, Daisy Ocampo (Caz’Ahmo Indigenous Nation of Zacatecas) chose to teach at Cal State San Bernardino because of its diversity and commitment to various initiatives, particularly Native American initiatives, which was something she saw herself contributing to. The assistant professor of history says she has always been immersed in diverse backgrounds, which is why CSUSB feels like home to her.

Since joining the university, Ocampo has made it a priority to have conversations and engage with California Indian people to produce projects oriented toward the needs here. Last year, Ocampo developed the virtual museum “Brave Hearts: A Virtual History of Sherman Indian Boarding School,” which featured the history of Sherman Indian Boarding School, the students who attended, and its legacy in Native communities as well as the larger Inland Empire.

Diversity is a vital part of CSUSB and we are proud to represent various backgrounds, thoughts and experiences.