Registration for summer session at Cal State San Bernardino opens on Monday, April 4, and the university will offer a selection of more focused course offerings and additional financial aid to encourage students to stay on track during Summer Session 2022.

Summer Session courses will primarily be delivered online with some in-person and hybrid options, so that students have the flexibility to continue with their studies and still have time to meet their other obligations or relax and enjoy the summer.

CSUSB will offer three Summer Sessions with the first 5-week and 10-week sessions beginning on May 31 and the second 5-week session beginning on July 7.

In support of students, course fees remain unchanged from last year with the undergraduate fee at $325 per unit, credential fee at $345 per unit, and graduate fee at $365 per unit. Students are encouraged to register early as classes fill up quickly.

CSUSB President Tomás D. Morales encouraged students to enroll and attend the 2022 Summer Session.

“The CSUSB Summer Session is a great opportunity for our students, especially our graduating seniors, to work toward completing their degrees and graduating in a timely fashion,” said Morales. “Cal State San Bernardino is dedicated to student success by offering exceptional academic programs and at the same time helping our students through financial aid.”

Along with offering several courses this summer, CSUSB has allocated more than $2 million in additional financial aid, including funds toward the Graduation Initiative Grant for seniors graduating summer 2022. Students are encouraged to reach out to their advisors in advance to see if they are ready to graduate this summer and take advantage of the Graduation Initiative Grant.

“Summer is a great opportunity for students to catch up and make progress toward their degree. To help students financially, CSUSB allocated additional financial aid that is not available in other terms,” said Tatiana Karmanova, dean of the CSUSB College of Extended and Global Education, which administers summer session. “Not taking summer courses would be like leaving money on the table because the financial aid that the university allocated for this summer is in addition to what students receive during the year. Seniors graduating in the summer qualify for financial assistance even if they don’t have FAFSA.”

Additional details regarding the session dates, fees, course schedule, grant and eligibility criteria can be found at the CSUSB Summer Session website.

About the CSUSB College of Extended and Global Education

In addition to administering summer session, Early Start Program, and Winter Intersession for CSUSB, the College of Extended and Global Education supports and encourages learners of all ages to achieve continuing education goals by providing access to university degrees, certificate programs, professional development and personal enrichment.

For more information on the Cal State San Bernardino Summer Session, College of Extended and Global Education, contact Veronica Crossley at or call (909) 537-3965.