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CSUSB biology faculty publish paper, ‘Conserved Targets to Prevent Emerging Coronaviruses’
March 9, 2022

Cal State San Bernardino biology faculty members Fernanda Gonzalez Lomeli, Nicole Elmaraghy, Anthony Castro, Claudia V. Osuna Guerrero and Laura L. Newcomb published their research, “Conserved Targets to Prevent Emerging Coronaviruses,” in the journal Viruses’ Special Issue Strategies for the Discovery of Antivirals against Respiratory RNA Viruses.

They reviewed “molecular life cycle of coronaviruses and consider antiviral therapies, approved and under development, that target the conserved activities of coronaviruses,” the abstract said. “To identify additional targets to inhibit emerging coronaviruses, we carried out in silico sequence and structure analysis of coronavirus proteins isolated from bat and human hosts. We highlight conserved and accessible viral protein domains and residues as possible targets for the development of viral inhibitors. Devising multiple antiviral therapies that target conserved viral features to be used in combination is the best first line of therapeutic defense to prevent emerging viruses from developing into outbreaks and pandemics.

The paper can be found online at “Conserved Targets to Prevent Emerging Coronaviruses.”

CSUSB’s Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship publishes annual report of community impact
Fontana Community News
March 8, 2022

The Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) at Cal State San Bernardino has published the 2021 Impact Report, and the data shows that the IECE continues to have a growing and impactful economic presence in the region.

Among the findings is that in 2021, the IECE had a total net positive economic contribution of slightly more than $70 million when the total loans, contracts and exports are combined.

“That's the direct economic impact, that doesn't account for any multiplier effects.” said Mike Stull, director of IECE.

Read the complete article at Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship publishes annual report of community impact."

Master of Team Chemistry: Andreas Beyersdorf
Redlands-Loma Linda Patch
March 8, 2022

Andreas Beyersdorf is an associate professor in Cal State San Bernardino’s chemistry and biochemistry department and an analytic chemist whose overall research interest is air pollution. He is a nationally renowned expert in aerosol pollution and optical properties with approximately 4,000 Google Scholar Citations and 91 cited articles and papers.

In his 14 years as a research scientist and assistant professor, he has averaged an amazing 6.5 cited publications a year. When asked what the secret to his success is, you expect him to talk about his brilliant insights as an analytic chemist and how hard he works at his craft.

He doesn’t.

What he discusses is how important it is to be a member of good teams and to be a good team player. He talks about the chemistry of teams because science is very much a team sport. And he is clearly a master of team chemistry as a member of four loose, but highly productive, teams.

Read the complete article at Master of Team Chemistry: Andreas Beyersdorf.”

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