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CSUSB professor discusses new report that shows increased labor force participation in Inland Empire
Dec. 3, 2021

Daniel MacDonald, professor and chair of California State University, San Bernardino’s Department of Economics, joined KVCR's Jonathan Linden to explain more about the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages report and other economic indicators within the Inland Empire.

Within the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages was the rate for labor force participation, which MacDonald said looked favorable for the Inland Empire region, while statewide, the report showed a decrease.

“It’s a good, promising trend, and it shows that people out here want to get back to work, they are able to work, and we’re seeing that, again, in the labor force participation is going up in the regionally,” he said. “This is not the necessarily the case in other parts of Southern California, or even parts of California.”

Listen to the interview at “New report shows increased labor force participation in Inland Empire.”

CSUSB professor’s column asks what the internet enables and disables with online dating
Psychology Today
Nov. 29, 2021

Anthony Silard, associate professor of public administration, wrote the fifth installment of his eight-part series on the idea of convenience and how it has affected interpersonal relationships. His column this week was on “Loneliness of Online Dating: Convenience Over Quality?”

He wrote, in part, “If you desire to meet the right person and wish to use online dating sites, don’t become a deer caught in the headlights of innumerable glossy profiles. Recognize that these meticulously curated images and words take the age-old practice of self-presentation to new, stunning levels yet camouflage much deeper insecurities.”

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