Cal State San Bernardino’s Faculty Center for Excellence recently held a two-day institute, “Statistics With JMP.”

The sessions, which took place Jan. 26-27, were led by Dan Obermiller, JMP training program manager. Although it was primarily geared toward faculty and advanced graduate students, the institute was open to all members of the campus community.

The institute provided an overview of the statistical package JMP and hands-on training.

JMP, a SAS product, is highly interactive, visual, intuitive, and user-friendly. JMP dynamically links screens of histograms, scatterplots, and other visual representations for in-depth data exploration. It offers a variety of multivariate methods, customer research methods, data mining algorithms, as well as integration with R, GIS, Matlab and other packages.

Generally, JMP is a great tool for both researchers and educators who teach statistics in their classrooms. The campus has a license for JMP, freely available to faculty and students on personal and school computers.

The institute is organized as part of the Academic Research Technologies collaboration

between the university’s Office of Academic Research and Academic Technologies and Innovation, and was sponsored by Academic Research.

Photo courtesy of Miheala Popescu/Faculty Director, CSUSB Academic Technologies and Innovation