The 11th volume of History in the Making, the Cal State San Bernardino history department’s award-winning journal that showcases the work of its students, is now available online, and includes an academic review of the documentary film “1948: Creation & Catastrophe,” co-directed and produced by Ahlam Muhtaseb, CSUSB professor of communication studies. The journal, which is also available in print, is an annual publication of the university’s Alpha Delta Nu Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society, and is sponsored by the CSUSB Department of History. It is published at the end of the spring quarter each academic year, and has earned the reputation of being among the top journals of its kind in the nation, having been awarded five Gerald D. Nash History Journal Awards (third place in 2009 and 2013, second place in 2012 and 2015, and first place in 2014). With students Athahn Steinback and Lark Winner serving as chief editors, the latest journal continues “that tradition of excellence by bringing readers the finest, and most thought-provoking articles produced by current undergraduate and graduate students of CSUSB, as well as those of our recent alumni,” the editors wrote in their introduction. “This year’s journal features remarkable topical diversity, including four full-length articles, three public history papers, one in-memoriam, three travel pieces, and seven reviews or analyses, on topics ranging from film, to art, to historicity in video games,” Steinback and Winner wrote. The journal includes the academic review written by student Melissa Sanford of the documentary “1948: Creation and Catastrophe,” which recounts the establishment of Israel through the personal recollections of Palestinians and Israelis who lived through it. Muhtaseb co-directed and served as executive producer of the film with Andy Trimlett. Sanford wrote: “As always, the best way to understand the present situation is to uncover the past. The documentary film 1948: Creation and Catastrophe seeks to provide vital context for the Arab-Israeli Conflict through interviews with witnesses, survivors, and historians of the Palestinian Nakba. Through these combined testimonies, 1948 paints a compelling portrait of the pain and complexities of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War in a way that truly deepens the viewers’ understanding of the conflict.” History faculty members Tiffany Jones, the department chair, and Jeremy Murray served as faculty advisers for the journal. “This year’s editors and authors are a stellar representation of our campus’s excellence and intellectual ambition,” wrote Murray. “At over 300 pages, the journal is the length of a good-sized book, and its contents are engaging, timely, and rigorous. “This edition represents the careful and professional work of the editors of the journal, and a fitting culmination of the undergraduate studies of many of our authors,” Murray continued. “The scope of the journal is rich and rewarding, with original research on topics ranging from the Turkish constitution to Indian boarding schools to neoliberal policies in Haiti to U.S. immigration, and with review and travel pieces that range from CSUSB’s own Anthropology museum to Berlin to ancient Egypt to the beaches of Thailand and more.” The online version of the latest volume is available at History in the Making webpage, along with past volumes. For print copies, email Jeremy Murray at