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CSUSB professor interviewed for article examining death of an American engineer in Singapore, and a Chinese tech company’s possible involvementThe Epoch Times (New York, N.Y.)Feb. 27, 2019 The independent publication interviewed Christina Villegas, CSUSB assistant professor of political science, for an article on the death of Shane Todd, an American electrical engineer, who died in 2012 under suspicious circumstances as he prepared to return to the U.S., and how the current federal investigation of Chinese tech giant Huawei may help shed light on his case – and the company’s involvement. The ongoing investigation of Huawei has helped his mother, Mary Todd, regain hope that, after seven years, she will see justice done for the death of her son, The Epoch Times reported. Huawei is currently being investigated by federal prosecutors on suspicion of intellectual property theft and violating sanctions on Iran. “For years, the Todd family has been sending evidence and analysis reports to Singapore authorities and agencies of U.S. government, trying to prove that Shane Todd was murdered in connection with a cover up of Huawei’s alleged theft of U.S. technology,” the report said. “He was found hanged in his apartment in Singapore on June 24, 2012.” Villegas is quoted further in the article: “In light of the Chinese government’s apparently deliberate schemes to use its tech companies to illicitly acquire commercial and military grade technology, Americans should be particularly disturbed with the details of Dr. Todd’s case,” said Christina Villegas, who is an assistant professor of political science at California State University, San Bernardino. She is also Shane’s cousin and co-author of the book: ‘Hard Drive: A Family’s Fight Against Three Countries.’ “Villegas, in a recent letter to (Montana U.S. Rep. Greg) Gianforte supporting the federal investigation of Huawei, said that the Huawei indictment should include investigation into the death of American engineer Shane Todd.” Read the complete article at “Mother hopes investigation into Huawei will bring justice for her son’s death.”
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