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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist

By combining assessments, treatment planning, exercise techniques, and educational initiatives, physical therapists aim to help individuals regain function, reduce pain, and enhance their overall quality of life. Physical therapists are responsible for conducting thorough assessments, creating treatment plans, and developing both individual and group therapy programs with varying levels of complexity. They perform physical examinations and use specialized tests and measures to assess strength, range of motion, balance, coordination, and other relevant factors.

They utilize a range of physical therapy methods, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, massage, traction, and hydrotherapy. Additionally, they employ various exercise techniques to help patients improve their balance and gait. Ensuring patient safety is a top priority, whether in designated treatment areas or when explaining and demonstrating physical therapy procedures to hospital personnel, students, or community members. 

Furthermore, physical therapists may provide in-service educational programs to residents and other medical professionals, teaching specific physical therapy procedures.

Physical Therapy Prerequisites

NOTE: Specific prerequisite courses can vary by school--always double-check the website of each physical therapy school you are applying to for specific requirements. Please review the CSUSB Catalog as a guide to completing the CSUSB prerequisites.

Required Common Prerequisites
Prerequisites CSUSB Courses


One year or two semesters of General Biology with lab.

A year of Anatomy & Physiology must include a lab. Courses can be separated into one semester of anatomy, one semester of physiology, or taken as a year-long series.


BIOL 2010 & BIOL 2020 (the lab is included)

BIOL 2230 and BIO 2240 OR

BIOL 4630 and BIO 4640


One year or two semesters of General Chemistry with lab


CHEM 2100, 2100L & CHEM 2200, 2200L


One year or two semesters of Calculus.


Math 1401 (a prerequisite to Calculus I.)

Math 2210 (Calculus I.)

Math 2220 Calculus II. (co-requisites for Physics 2500)


One year or two semesters of Physics with lab

Check institutional requirements, as some will require General Physics


PHYS 2500 & 2500L and PHYS 2510 & 2510L OR

PHYS 2000 & 2000L and PHYS 2010 & 2010L


A semester of Statistics that contains descriptive and inferential statistical topics.


MATH 1201, or MATH 1202, and MATH 1203, or KINE 3700

Recommended Coursework

Medical Terminology (KINE 2200)

General Psychology (PSYC 1100) or Developmental Psychology (PSYC 2201).

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