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HPAC Advising Sessions

We can help you with the following: 

Assistance with planning CSUSB prerequisites for professional programs

Please explore our resources page. Identify the program you are interested and you will find list of prerequisites. 

Find a mentor! Partnership with CUSM

LAUNCH is a partnership between CSUSB HPAC and CUSM School of Medicine that matches aspiring health professional students with current CUSM medical students who can provide support and guidance throughout their educational journey.

As an aspiring medical professional, you’ll have access to a trained CUSM mentor to discuss topics such as:

  • Managing pre-health coursework
  • Balancing school, work, and personal life
  • Exploring careers in the field of medicine

Pre-med and pre-health students at CSUSB who are looking for mentorship and want to connect with a mentor (virtually) are encouraged to join LAUNCH.

Register here:

Questions? Email or

Healthcare Career Exploration

We encourage you to check out our resources page. We have added many pre-health fields to help you explore various healthcare professions. 

In addition, connect with use on social media or Coyote Connection or join us for our events. 

Health Graduate & Professional Application Assistance

HPAC is here to best support you as you begin to submit applications for health professional schools. Most schools utilize a centralized application service (CAS). CAS systems often request to submit only one application that will be received by multiple schools you designate to apply to. Please explore the resources page for many more tools and guides.

Common CAS Links below: 

  • Allopathic Medicine (MD) - AMCAS American Association of Medical Colleges Application Services
  • Osteopathic Medicine (DO) - AACOMAS American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Services
  • Dental Medicine - AADSAS American Dental Schools Application Service
  • Optometry - OPTOMCAS Optometry Centralized Application Service
  • Pharmacy - PharmCas Pharmacy School Application Service
  • Physician Assistant - CASPA Principle Application Service for Physician Assistants
  • Podiatric Medicine - AACPMAS American Association of Podiatric Medicine Application Service
  • Physical Therapy - PTCAS Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service
  • Veterinary Medicine - VMCAS Veterinary Medical College Application Service
HPAC Committee Letter of Recommendation Request

A committee letter is a letter authored by HPAC and offers evaluation and advocacy on your behalf by highlighting your background and accomplishments, contextualizing challenges, and outlining your overall preparation and motivation for pursuing a career in medicine. A committee letter is often sent with additional letters of recommendation that you solicit from your faculty and others in support of your candidacy. You may request external recommenders to participate in your committee letter. It is important to view the individual schools you intend to apply for and ensure their preference for letters of recommendations. 

Committee Letter Request Instructions: 

Please submit request to HPAC if you wish to request for committee letter. Please submit request below to receive instructions and important information. 

Committee Letter Request