General Education Program

Quarter General Education Program

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Semester General Education Program

General Education program effecting Fall 2020.

Approved by Faculty Senate on April 23, 2019.

University Foundations (21 Units)

Units GE Category
3 Foundation Seminar (E)
3 Oral Communication (A1)
3 Written Communication (A2)
3 Critical Thinking (A3)
3 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)
3 American Government (D1)
3 United States History (D2)

Disciplinary Perspectives (28 units)

Scientific Inquiry (B)

Units GE Category
3 Physical Science (B1)
3 Life Science (B2)
1 Laboratory Activity (B3)
3 Upper Division Scientific Inquiry (B5)

Arts & Humanities

Units GE Category
3 Arts (C1)
3 Humanities (C2)
3 C1 or C2
3 Upper Division Arts or Humanities (C4)

Social Sciences

Units GE Category
3 Social Sciences Discipline Perspective (D3)
3 Upper Division Social Science (D4)


DI Diversity and Inclusiveness
G Global Perspective
WI Writing Intensive

Designations overlay University Foundations and Disciplinary Perspectives (see list of courses).