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Foundation Seminar

Foundation Seminar  - Area E of the General Education Program

Effective Fall 2020

The Foundation Seminar is a critical offering preparing students for their developmental journey as college-level learners.  It is designed to be a first-year learning experience providing an introduction to GLOs and learning principles critical to becoming life-long learners. Courses in this category will blend the Title V and EO1100 Area E requirements with the structure of a first-year seminar that introduces students to the idea of academic inquiry and explores different disciplinary ways of knowing and doing.  This includes an overview of what it is to be a college student and develops a sense of social belongingness for every student joining CSUSB.  The seminar continues the encouragement for engagement initiated during student orientation.  Courses in category E must fulfill the Metacognition – learning how to learn GLO, Information Literacy GLO, Written Communication GLO, Integrative Learning GLO, and Collaboration GLO. 

To satisfy Area E, the Foundations Seminar should include orientation to thinking strategies applicable to lifelong problem-solving in academic, social, and personal life, and introduce critical thinking, information literacy, and academic planning for student success. Student learning in this area shall include selective consideration of content such as human behavior, sexuality, nutrition, physical and mental health, stress management, social relationships and relationships with the environment, as well as implications of death and dying and avenues for lifelong learning. Physical activity may be included, provided that it is an integral part of the study elements described herein.

Area E: Lifelong Learning and Self-Development

Area E Lifelong Learning and Self Development
ADMN 1001 Leadership for Global Challenges: Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset
ADMN 1002 Leadership for Global Challenges: Citizenship in a Sustainable World
ADMN 1003 Leadership for Global Challenges: Exploring the Digital Mindset
ART 1200 Creativity, Imagination, and the Consciousness
CAL 1000 You/U: Applied Humanities and Arts
CAL 1110 Reacting to the Past: Humanities Perspectives
CAL 1120 Global You/U
CAL 1130 Digital You/U
CAL 1140 Sustaining a Life in the Arts
COMM 1000 Critical Media Literacies: News, Entertainment, and Participatory Culture
COMM 1002 Communicating Compassion and Love
CSE 1290 College Learning for Lives and Careers in the Information Age
ENG 1300 Foundation Seminar: Language, Society, and Power
HON 1000 Constructing Knowledge
KINE 2050 Foundations for Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
NSCI 1110 Reacting to the Past: Natural Sciences Perspectives
NSCI 1200 Scientific Thinking for Community Resilience
PHIL 1001 Moral Choices in Life
PSYC 1115 Personal Adjustment and Growth
SOC 1100 Latino Communities, Wellness, and Life Skills
SSCI 1110 Reacting to the Past: Social Sciences Perspectives

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