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Learning Community

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A Learning Community (LC) can offer extended experience to help faculty, staff and students be prepared for and take advantage of our increasingly cross-cultural and multilingual classrooms.

The CSUSB LC will be made up of faculty, staff and student members from across disciplines who will meet periodically to explore topics related to teaching and working with multilingual students.

Participants will

  • Explore and discuss common texts.
  • Share ideas about teaching with an interdisciplinary group of faculty.
  • Learn new strategies for supporting students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds.
  • Develop a sense of community.


  • Attend and participate in all meetings
  • Come prepared for meetings
  • Discuss classroom challenges
  • Discover student and faculty resources
  • Design or redesign a syllabus, a classroom strategy, an assignment, or a method of assessment
  • Complete an individual project related to your classroom teaching
  • Complete and present a group project to inform wider university faculty

For more information about joining the CSUSB Learning Community, contact Chloe de los Reyes at