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The Morrow McCombs Memorial Lecture Series

About the Lecture Series

The Morrow-McCombs Memorial Lecture is made possible through a special endowment provided by the late Lilian Morrow and Ray McCombs to enhance and promote interfaith understanding between Christians and Jews.  Subsequent to its establishment, the purpose of the annual presentation was expanded to include Islam.  Thus, the program is now dedicated to enhancing and promoting understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims.  The Morrow-McCombs Memorial Lecture is a continuation of the efforts of Lilian Morrow and Ray McCombs to strengthen interfaith understanding and enhance relations between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

The Morrow-McCombs Memorial Lecture Advisory Board

Judy Cestaro; Rabbi Hillel Cohn; Dr. Dany Doueiri; James R. (Jiggs) Gallagher; Rev. Petra Malleis-Sternberg; Rev. Michael Manning; Rev. Robert Miller; Dr. Ward McAfee; Mary McCombs; Dr. Cheryl Riggs; Dr. Richard Samuelson; Dr. James Thomas.

Past Programs in the Morrow-McCombs Memorial Lecture Series

2009 "“Mending a Torn World: Women in Interreligious Dialogue," Dr. Maura O’Neil.
2008  “Islam in North America: Separating Fact From Fiction,” Dr. Amir Hussain, Loyola Marymount University.
2007 “Religion, conflict, Peacemaking,” Yehezkel  Landau, Hartford Seminary.
2006  “The Yuval Ron Ensemble,” a concert featuring interfaith and intercultural members in performance together.
2005  “Reaching Common Ground: The Challenge of Disarming Religious Hate.” Dr. Christopher Leighton, executive director, Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies, Baltimore, MD.
2004  “Creating a Meaningful Jewish/Christian/Muslim dialog.”  Dr. George B. Grose, president, The Academy for Judaic, Christian and Islamic Studies, University of California, Los Angeles.  Jewish, Christian and Muslim responses by Rabbi Hillel Cohn, congregation Emau El, San Berardino; Dr. Cheryl Riggs, CSUSB; and Dr. Mustafa Kuku, director, Islamic Center of Riverside.
2003  “What you Need to Know about Me and My Religion: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Responses.”  Rev. James C. Huffstutler, First Presbyterian Church, San Bernardino; Dr. Yahia Hairy Abdul-Rahman, Islamic Shura Council of Southern California; Rabbi Douglas Kohn Congregation emanu el, San Bernardino.
2002  “Three Traditions Face Loss and vulnerability.”  Rabbi Hillel Cohn, congregation Emanu el, San Bernardino; Dr. Dany Doueiri, CSUSB; Rev. Pamela Moore, First Christian Church, San Bernardino.
2001  “Does the Soul Survive?  A Jewish Perspective.”  Rabbi Elie K. Spitz.
2000  “The Ten Commandments as Seen by Jews and Christians.”  Rabbi Hillel Cohn, the Rev. Peter Covas, Pastor William a. Loveless, Rev. Sandra Tice.
1999  “Walk the Talk: Applying Jewish Values to Contemporary Life.”  Rabbi David Saperstein, director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.
1998  “What Christians and Jews Should Know About Each Other-But Are Afraid to Ask.”  Hugh Hewitt, KCET Channel 28 commentator and Rabbi Daniel Lapin.
1997  Dr. David L. Miller, Syracuse University, Ithaca, NY.
1996  Dr. Lewish M. Barth, Dean Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles
1995  Dr. Elliot N. Dorff, Rector, University of Judaism Los Angeles, Dr. James W. McClendon, Jr., Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena.
1993  Dr. Katheryn Pfisterer Darr, Boston University of Theology, Mass.
1992  Dr. Michael A. Signer, Hebrew Union college, Los Angeles; Dr. James A. Sanders, the School of Theology at Claremont, Claremont; Dr. Michael A. Kerze, Occidental College, Lost Angeles.
1991  Dr. Martin E. Marty, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.
1990  Dr. Eugene J. Fisher, Executive Secretary, Secretariat for Catholic-Jewish Relations, National Conference of Catholic bishops.
1989  Drs. A. Roy Eckhardt and Alice Eckhardt, Lehigh University, PA.
1988  Dr. Ellis Rivkin, Hebrew Union college, Cincinnati, OH.
The Morrow-McCombs Memorial Presentation is funded annually through the income of the endowment.  If you would like to support the endowment with a current gift or through your will, please call the CSUSB Development Office at (909) 537-5004.  Gifts of any size will help to ensure that the program continues to bring outstanding scholars, speakers and performers to our community.  We are a 501 (c) 3 organization, and gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.