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Both the MS in Counseling, School Counseling Concentration & the MS in Counseling, Professional Counseling Concentration, has the same CORE courses required that are a part of the degree. They two concentrations overlap until students take specialized courses in their area of concentration. Should a student decided to take both the elective classes for the each concentration, they only need to take the CORE courses once. All courses are three units each.

CORE Courses

COUN 6220    Introduction to Counseling
COUN 6221     Introduction to Research & Evaluation
COUN 6222    Law & Ethics in Counseling
COUN 6224    Advanced Counseling
COUN 6226   Conflict Resolution
COUN 6227   Counseling Theories
COUN 6229   Socio-Cultural Counseling
COUN 6230   Human development in Counseling
COUN 6231    Group Counseling
COUN 6232   Career Counseling
COUN 6233   Practice Based Placement (Must be taken for a minimum of 6 units and a maximum of 12 units in consultation with advisor)
COUN 6237   Appraisal

In addition to the CORE course requirements, students must take courses in one or both areas of concentration. These courses are as follows:

School Counseling Concentration

COUN 6223    Learning Theories
COUN 6225    Systems Consultation
COUN 6240    Professional School Counseling
Electives          (Choose 4 from the following list)
COUN 6228    Addictions Counseling
COUN 6235    Crisis and Trauma Counseling
COUN 6236    Psychopharmacology
COUN 6239    Family Counseling
COUN 6238    Aging, Death & Grief in Couples & Families
COUN 6241     Gender & Sexuality
*Students enrolled in only the School Counseling Concentration are not permitted to take the COUN 6234 (diagnosis) course.

Professional Counseling Concentration

COUN 6228     Addictions Counseling
COUN 6235     Crisis and Trauma Counseling
COUN 6234     Diagnosis
COUN 6236     Psychopharmacology
COUN 6239     Family Counseling
COUN 6238     Aging, Death & Grief in Couples & Families
COUN 6241      Gender & Sexuality

School and Professional Counseling Dual Concentration

COUN 6223     Learning Theories
COUN 6225     Systems Consultation
COUN 6240     Professional School Counseling
COUN 6228     Addictions Counseling
COUN 6234     Diagnosis
COUN 6235     Crisis and Trauma Counseling
COUN 6236     Psychopharmacology
COUN 6238     Aging, Death & Grief in Couples & Families
COUN 6239     Family Counseling
COUN 6241      Gender & Sexuality

In addition to completing all course work, students in both concentrations are required to complete a culminating educational experience.

Culminating Experience

Students must choose one of the following:
COUN 6980     Comprehensive Examination
COUN 6960     Masters Degree Project  (by invitation only)