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Dr. Grant to Attend Prestigious HERS Academy

Dr. Grant was accepted to the prestigious HERS Academy for Women in Higher Education Leadership Academy.HERS (Higher Education Resource Services) is a leadership development and research organization that is dedicated to creating and sustaining a diverse network of women leaders in higher education. Through various programs that support women in every stage of their careers, HERS provides program participants with transformational experiences and opportunities that result in stronger institutions of higher education. HERS believes that impactful leadership not only requires women in leadership positions, but demands that each woman bring her unique voice and perspective to her leadership role.Founded in 1972, HERS proudly serves as both a network and hub of resources for women eager to advance both themselves and their respective institutions of higher education. For nearly 50 years, HERS has made great strides with respect to the advancement of women in higher education. However, there is much work to be done and HERS plans on boldly moving onward to ensure greater diversity and equality in university and college leadership moving forward.