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Approved Fees

Approved Fees
Approved Fees Information
Orientation Mandatory Fee Mandatory Orientation Fee Approval
Orientation Student Services Fee Orientation Fee Approval
Change of Major Change of Major Fee Approval
Graduation Fee Graduation Fee Approval
Transcript (single) Transcript Fees Approval
Enrollment Confirmation Deposit (First-time Undergraduate Students) Approved Fees for Enrollment 
Professional Liability Insurance Approved Fees for Professional Liability
Supplemental Fee for MPA online courses (per unit) MPA Fee Decrease Proposal
Professional Program Fee for MBA and MSA (per unit) Professional Program Approved Fees
Dishonored Check/Credit Card Information
Enrollment Verification Information
Coyote OneCard (Replacement) Information
Lost Document (Replacement) Information
Enrollment Cancellation Fee (failure to pay by deadline) Information
Late Registration Fee Information
Graduation Check (1st filing, after deadline)* Information
Graduation Check (refiling, by deadline)* Information
Graduation Check (refiling, after deadline)* Information
Diploma Replacement* Information
Certified Letter of Completion* Coming Soon 
Letter of Intent to Graduate (during final term)* Coming Soon
Certificate Program Check* Coming Soon
Expedited Transcript

Anthropology Fee Deletion

Fee Deletion
EREH 6624 EREH 6624 Approval

* For current fee information please visit The Student Financial Services Website