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Special Traning Schools


This school located at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Cadets start their first week on the ground, learning the basics of parachute landings, and start a vigorous training program. During the second week, called tower week, proper exiting of the plane is mastered, and cadets are given the opportunity to parachute from a 250 ft tower. The third and final week is the jump week. Cadets make five jumps from either a C-130 or C-141, including one night jump and two combat jumps with full combat gear. Are you brave enough to be AIRBORNE ?

Airborne School Website

Air Assault

This is available at a number of installations, but the biggest is located at the air assault home of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. This eleven day course is also very physically demanding, involving obstacle courses and several long ruck marches. Students learn the basics of aircraft familiarization and recognition, slingload operations, and rappelling. Can you see yourself rappelling out the side of a hovering Blackhawk helicopter? AIR ASSAULT!

Air Assault School Website

Cadet Troop Leader Training

Cadets also may find themselves anywhere in the country, or overseas, involved in the Cadet Troop Leadership Training Program. This program takes cadets and places them in actual Army units, acting as real Lieutenants! This two or three week challenge is a definite learning experience, and allows cadets to get a perspective on what they will be facing as future officers. The United States is counting on you to take care of over 30 soldiers, and sometimes millions of dollars worth of equipment...can you handle the responsibility?

Nurse Summer Training Program

The program introduces you to the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) and to the roles and responsibilities of an Army Nurse Corps Officer. Under the supervision of an experienced Army Nurse Corps Officer, you will obtain hands-on experience. Your one-on-one clinical experience will allow you to hone your clinical skills, develop your problem-solving techniques and become comfortable with developing your professional skills as a member of the U.S. Army Healthcare Team.

Mountain Warfare

Mountain Warfare School is a two-week course conducted at the Ethan Allen Firing Range at Jericho, VT. Both a summer and a winter phase are offered. Its mission is to develop and conduct resident mountain warfare training under both summer and winter conditions. The mountain warfare course develops the leadership and technical skills of Army personnel by requiring them to perform mountaineering tasks in a realisitic tactical mountain environment. It provides the student with the practical hands-on experience in the application of tactics and techniques needed for mountain operations

Mountain Warfare School Website

Northern Warfare

Northern warfare school is a three week course taught at the Northern Warfare Training Center in Ft. Greely, Alaska. Students are taught basic mountain climbing and mountaineering skills including rock climbing, mountain walking techniques, basic knots, ice climbing, and route selection. The course is three weeks long with emphasis on mobility in mountainous terrain, glaciers, and inland waterways. 

Cadet Summer Training (CST/Advance Camp)

The ROTC Cadet Summer Training or operation WARRIOR FORGE is the most important training event for an Army ROTC cadet, taking place in the summer of their MS3 (Junior) year. The 32-day training event at Fort Knox, KY incorporates a wide range of subjects designed to develop and evaluate leadership ability. The challenges are rigorous and demanding, both mentally and physically. WARRIOR FORGE tests intelligence, common sense, ingenuity and stamina. These challenges provide a new perspective on an individual's ability to perform exacting tasks and to make difficult decisions in demanding situations.

Basic Camp

Basic Camp is the Army’s 2-year ROTC Program entry point. Through Camp Challenge, students without ROTC Basic Course experience can examine the Army without incurring an obligation, and qualify for Advanced Course entry. This is a method cadets may enter the program without having taken any ROTC courses prior to starting their Junior year and still wish to take ROTC in earning their Commission as a United States Army Officer.