The best way to obtain a membership is through our website or in our office located in Administration Building room 121 open Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm

Benefits include free access to the Pfau Library, discount on Rec & Wellness membership, 25% discount at the Coyote Bookstore, discounted AAA rate, and so much more

No, to be a part of the Association you must signup either online, in our office, or at Grad Days! We offer early sign up at Grad days so once you graduate, you are sent your membership card.

Once you have signed up, a membership card will be mailed to you or given in person if you come into our office.

Unfortunately the only way to prove to a AAA agent that you are a part of the association to present them with your blue membership card. Due to confidentiality reasons we may not confirm, with an agent, anyone’s status over email or phone.

You may call our office at (909) 537-3700 from the hours of 8am-5pm

Of course! By coming into our office, we will be able to replace your card after confirming your identification through a photo ID. It is completely free!

 If you have recently graduated within the year, it is completely FREE! For our other pricing options, please visit our website for more information.

Your membership card will with an expiration date but just as a friendly reminder, we will send out an email reminding you to renew!

To obtain your Alumni email, please give our office a call at (909) 537-3700

We can reset your information for you over the phone at (909) 537-3700