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Strategic Plan Process

My thanks to the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee and the Strategic Goal Working Groups, along with the members of the extended campus community and the external community, for your time and hard work over the 2014-15 academic year in order to create a new strategic plan that will take Cal State San Bernardino from 2015 to 2020. This new road map is reflective of hours of discussion and input, from meetings to town halls to online feedback, and belongs to all of you. To CSUSB’s students, faculty, staff, and friends, thank you.

The process began with a review and clarification of CSUSB’s mission, vision and values, which led to a focused list of five strategic goals. Special subcommittees, one per goal, worked diligently to identify the objectives which will help guide us moving forward. The finished plan will then serve as the basis for an implementation plan, which we will use to measure and assess our progress. It has been a transparent and organic process−and it will continue to be a transparent and organic process−as we use this blueprint to advance our university over the next five years.

What are our core values? Inclusivity, innovation, integrity, respect, social justice and equity, sustainability, transparency, and wellness and safety. And what are our goals? Student success, faculty and staff success, resource sustainability and expansion, community engagement and partnerships, and identity. As your strategic plan for your university, we will each need to consciously build our offices and departments and divisions around these values and goals. I believe that they are a reflection of much of what we are already doing and who we are.

The goals are built upon the foundations of where we’ve been and where we wish to go. We are an anchor institution, based in the Inland Empire of California, with a commitment to our local, regional, national, and global community. We take pride in the beauty of our region and the beauty of our campus, and we all strive to make it a special place to study and to work. As the campus has changed, though, this plan provides us with the tools to take time to reflect collectively on who we are so that we can strive to be the best that we can be.

I am happy to share this strategic plan with all of you and look forward to your continued input, support and effort to be the truly outstanding, world-class institution of higher education that is no longer the Inland Empire’s “hidden” treasure.

– Dr. Tomás D. Morales, President