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Goal 5 – Identity

Build an identity that celebrates the uniqueness of our university, promotes our accomplishments, and inspires involvement.

Objective 1:

CSUSB will have a well-defined and supported university identity as measured by students, faculty, staff, alumni and community perceptions by June 2020.


  1. Engage in a process that identifies what makes CSUSB distinctive, including unifying communication themes.
  2. Develop a centralized comprehensive integrated marketing communication plan to reinforce our identity with internal and external audiences by January 2017.
  3. Invest sufficient resources annually to perpetuate the university’s identity.

Objective 2:

Create a vibrant and memorable student life experience that reinforces the university’s identity to increase student engagement in campus activities by 10% by 2020.


  1. Create, identify, and update gathering spaces on campus to encourage student engagement.
  2. Identify, define, and brand CSUSB traditions and signature events.

Objective 3:

Increase prospective students’ perceptions of CSUSB as a university of choice from 68% to 78% by 2020 as measured by 2012 Institutional Research (IR) Campus Quality Survey.


  1. Develop a student-to-prospective-student campaign to promote CSUSB as a first-choice option for all students including a “We Are CSUSB” YouTube video competition.

Objective 4:

Increase positive perceptions of CSUSB with internal and external audiences by 10% over baseline by 2020.


  1. Brand the university based on our uniqueness and values by creating communication tools including a media kit and other promotional products.
  2. Regularly update website and other distribution sources with real-time messaging to tell our story, promote our achievements and publicize campus events.
  3. Integrate the campus internet radio station with Media Services, the Coyote Chronicle, and the Communication Studies television studio.

Objective 5:

Increase alumni engagement by 10% by 2020, as measured by the Alumni Affairs alumni activity report.


  1. Develop a minimum of 2 major annual events that celebrate alumni accomplishments and attract over 300 distinct alumni.
  2. Develop more career networking opportunities for alumni.
  3. Increase the number of contactable alumni of record in the alumni database.