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Purpose and Goals

Mission Statement: 

The Speaking Center at JHBC is dedicated to cultivating vital oral communication skills for diverse academic and professional endeavors. We empower both undergraduate and graduate students campus-wide through personalized services designed to enhance their public speaking proficiency.

Our Purpose and Goals:

The purpose of the Speaking Center at JHBC is to serve as an innovative hub for interdisciplinary collaboration, bridging the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration (JHBC) and the College of Arts and Letters (CAL). Our commitment is to empower both undergraduate and graduate students across the campus by fostering the development and refinement of their public speaking skills. Through personalized services, including presentation development and rehearsal, one-to-one "consultant" peer feedback, and small group presentation consultations, we aim to create a supportive environment for honing oral communication abilities. By utilizing videotaping for constructive feedback, our initiative aligns with the fulfillment of the JHBC Strategic Plan Goals, supports GI 2025, complements courses addressing AACSB's general skill area of communication, and contributes to the cultivation of vital oral communication skills sought by employers for students campus-wide. The Speaking Center is dedicated to being a catalyst for academic and professional success through the enhancement of public speaking proficiency.

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