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Intern Option

Internship Overview

The Internship Program provides an opportunity for qualified Single Subject Credential Program candidates to work as teachers of record while completing their pre-service preparation.  Internship positions are offered by the district in consultation with the Single Subject Program. Internships are an alternative to traditional student teaching for completing the culminating field experience in the program.  Since they are full-time teaching positions, internships are limited to students who demonstrate a high degree of readiness for teaching.
The Intern Credential was created to help school districts fill teacher shortages by allowing them to hire candidates who are nearing completion of their teacher preparation programs.  The credential is good for a period of two years and it is specific to the school site where the candidate works.  The Intern Credential holder is a regularly contracted teacher of record subject to all district employment policies.  At the same time, the credential holder is a student in the teacher preparation program and must meet all requirements for completion.  Interns use their teaching position as the “student teaching” experience provided that the position fulfills the requirements for student teaching (teaching at least four periods within the candidate’s subject area and TPA student demographic requirements).

Those seeking an internship must meet all requirements for traditional student teaching, including timely submission of the student teaching application.  Candidates find their own employment and complete an additional intern application with the Single Subject Credential Program and with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.  Internships may be completed only in public school districts with which the program has a current internship agreement.  

Candidates must consult with their Credential Program Placement Advisor and the Single Subject Credential Coordinator as they explore the possibility of doing an internship. 

When approved for Internship, Interns register for two courses of Internship Supervision (ESEC 6071 & 6072) and the two courses of Internship Seminar (ESEC 6055 & 6056) as scheduled by their program coordinator.  A University Supervisor observes the intern periodically during the term, conferences with the intern after site visits, and provides required support.  The school provides a Site Support Teacher (Mentor Teacher) who functions as the Intern’s on-site mentor.  The school site also provides required support outlined in the internship agreement.

Interns are evaluated by the University Supervisor and the Mentor Teacher at midterm and at the end of the semester.  In conference, evaluations are reviewed, discussed, and signed.  The performance areas and indicators on the Evaluation Form are closely linked to the California Teaching Performance Expectations.  Interns are also subject to the evaluation practices and requirements of their school site.

Internship Eligibility Requirements

To be approved for an internship, candidates must meet ALL of the following requirements.

Internship Pre-approval (prior to apply for positions)

  1. Be in good standing in the program and the university.
  2. Be a matriculated CSUSB student.
  3. Hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in the US or equivalent.
  4. Be enrolled in at least one program course each semester and receive a grade of B or better.
  5. Have completed the Basic Skills Requirement.
  6. Demonstrate subject matter competency (CSET or coursework).
  7. Have completed the U. S. Constitution requirement.
  8. Have completed the pre-requisite coursework (ESEC 6001, 6003, & 6004) with the required program GPA.
  9. Have completed 120 hours of Early Fieldwork.
  10. Demonstrate relevant, successful experience working with students.
  11. Have the approval of the Program Coordinator.
  12. After all above requirements are met, contact the Coordinator and file an Intern Eligibility Application by downloading and filing out the form below. Email it to Ami Thomas

Single Subject Intern Eligibility Application

Intern Credential Application (after job offer only)

  1. Have an offer of employment from a school district that has a current internship agreement on file with CSUSB
  2. Have an offer of employment that satisfies the basic requirements for a student teaching placement (within the subject area of the credential the candidate is seeking, teach a minimum of 4 class periods; and with a student population that meets the TPA requirements).
  3. File a complete internship application and email it to the credential analyst at Please cc the program coordinator.
  4. The credential analyst will file the application with the CTC. Please not the application must be approved by the Census date of the term. 

Intern Application

NOTE:  Being offered an internship position by a district does not guarantee that an internship will be approved.

Should you have any question or need additional assistance with the Single Subject Intern Eligibility Application, please contact Ami Thomas ( ) Program Admissions Technician. 

After CTC Approval

After you receive CTC approval for an Intern Credential, you will need to meet with the program coordinator to update your program plan and enroll you into intern courses. 

Program Changes in Intern Option - Track D

As required by California SB1209, Single Subject Credential must complete 120 hours of pre-service training in order to obtain a Provisional Internship Permit/Contract (PIP Credential) and to be employed by a school district as an intern teacher of record.

The following prerequisites courses must also be completed prior to obtaining an internship credential:

  • ESEC 6001 Classroom Management & Pedagogy (3)
  • ESEC 6003 EL Secondary Classroom (3)
  • ESEC 6004 Adolescent Development and Educational Theory (3)