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Am I Trans?

If you’re asking yourself if you’re Trans, Congratulations! You have started a very exciting process of self-discovery! This can be a very rewarding process, but may also come with a lot of anxiety. We wanted to compile some resources that might assist you.  

Sometimes, hearing about how other folks talk about their gender and sexuality can be very helpful when thinking about our own. Below are some stories from other Queer and Trans folks that might help you sort through your feelings.  

You don’t need to choose any specific term to describe yourself. Sometimes, people do use specific terms to talk about their experience of gender and sexuality to help understand themselves in a deeper way, connect with other Queer and Trans folks, and/or talk to other folks about their gender or sexuality.  

If you think selecting a term is important to you, we suggest you check out the Trans Student Educational Resources list.  

Also, please know that if you do select a term, you are not required to use that one for the rest of your life. You have the ability to pick and choose, discard, and change as you discover more about yourself. Self-discovery is a lifelong process!  

If you’d like to talk more, please visit the QTRC in SMSU 112. You can also contact the Coordinator, Lee Stovall at