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Kimberlyn Williams

Kimberlyn Williams



Office Phone(909) 537-7656
Office LocationBI-311


B.S., University of California, Davis

Ph.D., Stanford University


BIOL 3520 - Local Flora

BIOL 3540 - Plant Biology and Diversity

BIOL 4580 - Medical and Economic Botany

Plants of CSUSB

Research and Teaching Interests

Research in my lab focuses on plant water relations, carbon allocation in plants, and mechanisms of vegetation change. Studies of vegetation change have included investigations of effects of sea-level rise on coastal forest change on the Gulf of Mexico and investigations of effects of El Niño on shrub invasion into grassland in California. These studies focus on the physiological and ecological characteristics of seedlings that determine patterns of vegetation change. Other research in my lab focuses on traits that affect a plant's ability to cope with water stress and on the importance of carbohydrate stores for seedlings facing periodic stresses such as periodic salt stress, fire, and defoliation.

Representative publications

McKenzie, Z., Kumler, M.P., Ma, R., Williams, K. and Hayes, W.K., 2023. Eyes from the sky: Application of satellite-based indices to assess vegetation casualty on Grand Bahama Island one year post-Hurricane Dorian. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 32, p. 101044.
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