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Paloma Villegas

Paloma Villegas

Associate Professor


Associate Professor
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Paloma E. Villegas was born in Mexico and migrated to California as a child. She is a first-generation college student and immigrant. In addition to researching and teaching at the intersection of Migration, Citizenship, Borders, Race, and Gender, she also engages in artistic practices including painting, sculpture, and poetry. 

Recent Publications 


PhD, Sociology in Education, University of Toronto, 2012

M.A. Women Studies, San Francisco State University, 2006


Qualitative Analysis and Field Research 

Borders, Knowledges, and Identities 

Citizenship, Status, and Inequality

Sociology of Migration 

Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Sociology of Sex and Gender


Migration, Citizenship, and Borders

Social Inequality and Intersectionality   

Qualitative Research, Interpretive Methods, and Multi-scalar Analysis

Research and Teaching Interests

Recent Publications 


Villegas, P.E. (2020) North of El Norte: Illegalized Mexican Migrants in Canada. University of British Columbia Press.

Journal Articles

Villegas, P.E. and Villegas F.V. (2023). Navigating Borders during the Pandemic: A Collaborative Multi-Sited Approach. Radical Teacher. 127, 12-19.

Villegas, P. E., McGrath, C., Enriquez-Johnson, A., Hudgens, R., Flores, N., & Felix, R. (2022). Food insecurity stigma, neoliberalization, and college students in California’s Inland Empire. Food, Culture & Society, 1-18. (published with Sociology students at CSUSB)

Villegas, P.E. (2021) Temporalizing barriers: Postsecondary Schooling access among Precarious Status Students in Toronto. Population, Space, and Place. 27(5) e2477

Villegas, P.E. Landolt, P. Basu, R., Freeman, V., Hermer, J. and Videkanic, B. (2020) Contesting Settler Colonial Accounts: Temporality, Migration and Place-Making in Scarborough, Ontario. Studies in Social Justice 14(2) 321-351.

Villegas P.E (2020) Flexible and Assembled Bordering Practices for Mexicans travelling to Canada. International Migration. 58(5) 69-86. 

Villegas, P.E, Barrie, B., Pena, S., Alphonso, J., and Mamoon, A. (2020) Integration, Settler Colonialism, and Precarious Legal Status Migrants in Canada. Journal of International Migration and Integration. 21(4), 1131-1147. (published with undergraduate students at the University of Toronto)


Book Chapters

Basok, T., Goldring, L., Landolt, P., Mata, F., & Villegas, P. E. (2023). Latin American Migration to Canada: Understanding Socially Differentiated Inclusions. In The Routledge History of Modern Latin American Migration (pp. 261-274). Routledge.

Villegas F.J. and Villegas, P.E. (2021) Los Niños Florero: Internal Borders, Migrant Illegalization, and our Undocumented Migrant Experience. In Montse Feu and Amanda Venta (Eds.) Serving Refugee Children: Listening to Stories of Detention in the US. Peter Lang. 153-162

Villegas, P.E. and Aberman, T. (2020) Now I constantly challenge society by bringing my existence forward’: Creating Counterspaces and Counterstories with Sanctuary Students in Post-Secondary Education in Toronto. In Bhabha, J.  Giles, W and Mahomed, F. (Eds.) A Better Future: The Role of Higher Education for Displaced and Marginalized People. Cambridge, UK Cambridge University Press, 317-338.

Villegas, P.E. (2020) Beds, Masks and Prayers: Mexican Migrants and the Immigration Regime in Canada. Asylum for Sale: Profit and Protest in the Asylum Industry. Edited by Adrienne Pine and Siobhan McGuirk., Oakland: PM Press, 287-296.