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Montgomery Van Wart

Montgomery Van Wart

Professor and Faculty Research Fellow


Public Administration
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Dr. Montgomery (Monty) Van Wart  has worked in higher education in various capacities for over 35 years, nearly always with administrative roles. He served as the Interim Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration at California State University San Bernardino where he was also a longtime chair of the Department of Public Administration.  Prior to that he was the Chair of the Department of Public Administration at the University of Central Florida. He was also a Senior Research Fellow at KU Leuven (formerly Catholic University) in Belgium (2012-13), a visiting professor at Rutgers (2013), and a visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong and the National University of Ireland, Galway. He also currently serves as the Director of Faculty Development for the JHB College of Business and Public Administration and the Faculty Research Fellow for the University.

As an instructor, Dr. Van Wart has won the Chancellor's award for teaching (Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award) and many other teaching awards. As a champion of online teaching, he was the first at CSUSB to provide Quality Matters certified classes. He has done extensive pedagogical research and has worked hard to ensure that he applies those insights to his own teaching.

As a scholar, Dr. Van Wart has over 150 publications and received the University Outstanding Research Award in 2015 and the University Outstanding Professor Award in 2023. His primary research frequently appears in the best journals in the field; for example he has ten refereed articles in Public Administration Review.  His eleven books include Dynamics of Leadership (2nd edition, Choice Award for Outstanding Academic Title), Leadership in Public Organizations (3rd edition), Human Resource Management in Public Service (with others, 7th edition, Best Public Sector HR Book by ASPA), Leadership and Culture (with Hondeghem and Schwella), Business-Government Relations (with Ni), Leadership Across the Globe (with Gupta), and Changing Public Sector Values.  He has over 8.000 Google scholar citations. His research areas are administrative and business leadership, human resource management, training and development, administrative values and ethics, organization behavior, and general management. He helped redesign the Code of Ethics for the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), is the Associate Editor for Public Performance and Management Review and also serves on numerous editorial boards. He has received numerous awards for research. 

As the University Faculty Research Fellow and Faculty Advocate. Professor Van Wart is currently the University Faculty Research Fellow, and in that role he provides research support services to all faculty in the university. Those services include weekly research seminars, copy-editing (including for grants), manuscript critique, revise-and-resubmit assistance, journal selection, research agenda advice, and mentoring/coaching expertise in research areas. He also advocates for faculty who are exception, faculty who need special research assistance, and new faculty who need mentoring. 

As a student advocate. Van Wart is an advocate for maximum student "voice" in the university. For example, long before the COVID pandemic he advocated for "more and better" online classes and for the systematic improvement of online education (support, training, and teaching). 

As a social activist. As a gay man, Professor Van Wart has personally felt the oppression of repressive laws, attitudes, and discrimination his entire life. He grew up in an era in which it was a criminal offense to be gay and was unable to legally marry is long-term partner and be federally recognized as late as 2015. He has had a lifetime of listening to offensive and derogatory comments about his sexual orientation. He has engaged in civic marches for over 45 years, and more recently has been highly active marches related to immigrants, women, LGBT+, and even the efforts aimed at dismantling the Post Office. Because of his front-line activism, he has been pictured in the LA Times, Press Enterprise, and other local papers. Within academe, he is a strong believer that diversity and quality can and should go hand-in-hand as a mutually supportive relationship. His most recent publication on social activism is "Social Inclusion, Social Exclusion, and the Role of Leaders in Avoiding—or Promoting—Societal Collapse" in  Public Administration Review.

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PhD:  Arizona State University, in Public Administration

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