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Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor

Associate Professor


Associate Professor
Communication Studies
Office Phone(909) 537-5469
Office LocationUH-201.07

Office Hours

Tuesday: 12:00-13:00
Thursday: 12:00-13:30


Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Co-Director, The Speaking Center at JHBC





PhD, University of Utah

MA,  Colorado State University

BA, Colorado State University 


Undergraduate Courses:

Introduction to Communication Studies

Business and Professional Communication


Communication and Gender

Organizational Communication Seminar

Graduate Courses:

Organizational Communication Seminar

Qualitative Methods

*Official Inside-Out Trained Instructor


Organizational Communication (e.g., organizational discourse, hidden organizing, policy communication, and organizational silence)

Interdisciplinary Studies (specifically Communication in the Disciplines)

Gender Studies

Research and Teaching Interests

As a teacher and scholar, my role is not that of an expert but one of a guide, mentor, and facilitator. My duties in the classroom are several -- to reveal alternatives; embrace difference and dialogue; engage students and guide them where I can; figure out the tough stuff together, and finally, bring them to a place beyond where I can go with them and give them courage to go there. Journeys in class are therefore infused with three central commitments – rigor, creativity and compassion. To this end, I operate a ‘fully informed’ pedagogy. Students have assignments and evaluation criteria in advance, as well as access to me as a draft reader, learning resource, study skills developer, confidante, mentor, and guide. All work is work in process and progress; however, I believe that every student is capable of producing excellent work if they remain committed to rigor, creativity and compassion.

Broadly, my research interests include organizational communication, discourse, interdisciplinary studies, and gender. One area of research is dedicated to questions of social justice and issues concerning meaningful work for humanity. A second area of research is around interdisciplinary studies with a focus on communication instruction. This research line explores how instructors could be more purposeful and effective teachers in creating life-long learners and critically engaged citizens in various disciplines. In all, my focus is in exploring and conceptualizing ways to make a learning experience more beneficial to students and their world by preparing engaged thinkers.