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John Gannon

John Gannon

Lecturer M.S.Ed.


Public Administration


I've been privileged to work in public service for 32+ years now and my positive experiences working with other government workers (arguably, all of them public administrators) far outweighs the negative.  I'm honored to be among leaders who serve the community every day, attempting to exceed their expectations in the delivery of public services, while also meeting the expectations of our elected officials. It’s been my experience, public administration careers don’t necessarily make a person rich, but you can live pretty well and there are many intangible rewards for choosing a career as a public servant.  

For those with interests in non-profit organizations, I can also relate to you.  It’s noble work, to be sure.  I have worked with many non-profits, taught as an instructor for two non-profit organizations and was formerly a volunteer worker and administrator for the San Bernardino National Forest Association (SBNFA), a non-profit agency which supports the US forest Service in our local mountains. 

Currently, I meet and actively engage with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and work with other non-profits on a regular basis as the program lead for the LA County Mental Evaluation Teams (MET) mobile response teams partnering a Department of Mental Health clinician with a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy to respond to crises Countywide.


MS degree in Education from California State University East Bay

Certificate in Online Teaching & Learning from California State University East Bay

BA degree in Career and Technical (Adult) Ed from Cal State San Bernardino (alumni – “Go Coyotes”)

AS degree in Administration of Justice


PA 380. Introduction to Public Administration (4 Units)

An introduction to the purposes, methods and characteristics of public management, including organization of public services, roles and relationships of public administrators, accountability and the achievement of public goals. Offered as PA 380 and PSCI 380. Students may not receive credit for both.

PA 611. Public Administration Theory and Practice (4 Units)

A critical analysis of major theories of public administration and their application, including development of the discipline, evolution of institutional forms both in the United States and in international settings, concepts of decision-making, ethics in the public sphere, and role of public administration in society.

Research and Teaching Interests

Online Education

Public Policy and Administration

Criminal Justice System & Administration of Justice 

Governmental Agency Organizational Leadership

Non-Profit Leadership