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James Fenelon

James Fenelon



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James Fenelon
Professor of Sociology
Director of Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies

James Fenelon is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies at California State University, San Bernardino (2021-2023 visiting Swarthmore as Lang Professor for Social Change). His newest book Indian, Black and Irish: Indigenous Nations, African Peoples, European Invasions – 1492-1790 develops a 500 year analysis of intersectional Race, Capitalism and Colonialism in America; following Redskins? Sports Mascots, Indian Nations and White Racism, that was written to address compelling social issues concerning Native Nations cultural sovereignty and representation, as his second book (with Thomas D. Hall) Indigenous Peoples and Globalization, reflects current research writing, combining American Indians struggles for sovereignty with related issues internationally, building from his first book Culturicide, Resistance and Survival of the Lakota (Sioux Nation). Professor Fenelon has published numerous articles and book chapters, as in upcoming publications on Indigenous Peoples and Genocide in California for American Behavioral Scientist, and on climate change wars and Indigenous peoples for Political Economy of the World-System research volume.  He is Lakota/Dakota, Gaelic Irish and Norsk, having taught internationally, with indigenous peoples globally, and with urban groups.  James teaches on urban inequality, social movements, Native Nations, race and racism, social movements, worked with the Urban Conservation Corps, the California Indian Nations College, and recently on Environmental Water research with the Water Resources Policy Institute for the CSU. He is an advocate for social justice around the world.


PhD (Sociology), Northwestern University, 1995

CAS (Advanced Studies), Harvard, Graduate School of Education, 1991

MAT (Teaching Languages), School for International Training (VT), 1983

MIA (Intercultural Management), School for International Training, 1981

BA (Communication Arts), Loyola Marymount University, 1978 


Race & Ethnicity (Soc 410)

Asian-Americans (Soc 425)

Urban Sociology (Soc 430)

Political Sociology (Soc 432)

Race and Racism (Ssci 316)

Indigenous Peoples (Soc 545)

Native Nations & American Indians (Soc 525)

Seminar in Sociology - Special Topics (SOC 590)

Proseminar in Social Sciences and Global Studies (Soc 600)

Research and Teaching Interests

Indian Nations & Native Americans, Indigenous Peoples;

Inequality focus on race/ethnicity, class and social policy;

World systems analysis of global change, Urban & Political;

International/Intercultural and Environmental issues, Globalization.