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David Marshall

David Marshall

Professor Director, University Honors Program


Office Phone(909) 537-7358
Office LocationCJ-139


David Marshall is a Professor of English and Director of CSUSB's University Honors Program who joined the faculty in 2007 after completing a PhD at Indiana University.

  • Earned an MA in Medieval Studies (with distinction) from the University of York, England
  • Has rebuilt and grown the University Honors Program at CSUSB while adding a variety of new elements
  • Received College of Arts & Letters award as Outstanding Faculty in the area of Service (2021)
  • Nominated for Golden Apple Award 5 times
  • Served as Senior Scholar with the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Facilitated higher education reform initiatives for the states of Kentucky and Montana, the Midwest Higher Education Compact, the American Historical Association, and the National Communication Association
  • Mentored students in numerous MA theses, Honors theses, and 24 different independent studies
  • Delivered numerous keynote speeches and led many workshops at colleges and universities across the country
  • Collaborated in building the London summer study abroad program and is building a similar program in Rwanda
  • Has been an invited speaker at both national and international conferences


Ph.D. Indiana University 2007

M.A. (with Distinction) Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York, England 1998

B.A. College of the Holy Cross 1993


My classes tend to be group explorations, in which my students and I work together to develop understandings of how texts convey ideas and engage with larger contexts. Lectures, therefore, are short and intended to provide information to ground those explorations.

I teach courses having to do with early literatures, including:

  • Eng 2100: Medieval and Early Modern Lit
  • Eng 3330: Myth & Epic
  • Eng 4010: Literature of the Middle Ages

I also teach:

  • Eng 6590: Approaches to Teaching College Level Literature

In my other role, I am the Faculty Director of the University Honors Program. In that role, I am responsible for overseeing the program and ensuring that it best serves the students of the Inland Empire. I assumed the Director position in 2015 and have worked to slowly grow the program while adding to its offerings. 


Medieval Literature

Games & Game Studies

Medievalism in Popular Culture

Design of Educational Systems & Programs

Research and Teaching Interests

Two distinct areas comprise my research. Most recently, I have returned to my training in medieval studies with a focus on medievalism. This area focuses my scholarly attention on how the medieval past and its cultural artifacts continue to structure and influence modern conceptions of human experience. The new direction is a book project that examines the ways in which structure and aesthetics of games (board, video, and role playing) synergize to shape player experience. This interdisciplinary work adopts approaches and theories ranging from media studies, literary theory, psychology, sociology, and cultural studies, all under the larger scholarly framework of Game Studies. 

My prior research examined higher education in relation to its essential mission of educating learners. That work has allowed me to study the full scope of higher education in America (and beyond), ranging from national policy initiatives and foundation funded intervention strategies, to state-level approaches to strengthening higher 
education, to campus-level activities and reforms that make institutions more responsive to students and better designed to foster learning that empowers. I have undertaken work on outcomes development as a collaborative, consensus-building process, assignment design for deeper learning, and learning systems development for more coherent campus experiences of learning. 

Co-author with Dr. Natasha Jankowski (Director, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment), Degrees that Matter: Moving Higher Education to Learning Systems Paradigm, (Stylus Press) 2017.

Ed. and introduction, Mass Market Medieval: the Middle Ages in Popular Culture, (Jefferson, NC : McFarland & Co.) 2007.

Edited Journals
Co-editor with Dr. Natasha Jankowski (Director, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment), New Directions in Institutional Research 165 (2015).

Articles & Book Chapters
“Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) and Tuning: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?,” New Directions in Institutional Research 165 (2015): 3-14. (With Natasha Jankowski)

“New Directions for IR, the DQP, and Tuning,” New Directions in Institutional Research 165 (2015): 77-88.

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Educational Reports & Guides
“Mapping Learning: A Toolkit” (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment 2018, December) with Dr. Natasha Jankowski and Dr. Gianina Baker 

“Tuning Impact Study: Developing Faculty Consensus to Strengthen Student Learning” (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment 2017, December) with Dr. Natasha Jankowski and Dr. Terry Vaughan III

“Tuning: A Guide for Creating Discipline-Specific Frameworks to Foster Meaningful Change” (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment 2017, April)

“Roadmap to the DQP & Tuning” (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment 2014) with Dr. Natasha Jankowski

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