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Ahmed Elnoshokaty

Ahmed Elnoshokaty

Assistant Professor,


Assistant Professor
Information and Decision Sciences
Office Phone(909) 537-7351
Office LocationJB-546

Office Hours

Tuesday: 13:30-15:00


Dr. Ahmed Elnoshokaty is a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Information Decision Sciences at the College of Business at California State University San Bernardino.

Dr. Ahmed won a 30,000$ grant from Yahoo! to fund his online career counseling platform for high school students at the crossroads to higher education. Prior to working in academia, Dr. Ahmed also worked as a software engineer and business intelligence consultant for banks & telecommunication companies.


Dr. Ahmed earned his Ph.D. from Dakota State University in Information Systems and Data Management. Dr. Ahmed earned two master's degrees: a Master's in Information Systems from Dakota State University and an MBA from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Dr. Ahmed has a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Alexandria University.


  • IST 2410 Database Management for Business (Undergraduate, Assistant Professor).
  • IST 3420 Systems Analysis and Design (Undergraduate, Assistant Professor).
  • IST 3110 Management of Information Technology (Undergraduate, Assistant Professor).
  • IST 4210 Advanced Computer Networks (Undergraduate, Assistant Professor).

Prior to working at CSUSB, Dr. Ahmed taught at Northern Michigan University:

  • CIS 422 Data Mining (Undergraduate/Graduate, Assistant Professor).
  • CIS 410 Analytics for Decision Support (Undergraduate/Graduate, Assistant Professor).
  • BUS 560 Quantitative Decision Making (Graduate, Assistant Professor).
  • BUS 595 Business Analytics for Managers (Graduate, Assistant Professor).
  • CIS 351 User Interface Design (Undergraduate, Assistant Professor).
  • CIS 222 Quantitative Business Problem Solving (Undergraduate, Assistant Professor).
  • CIS 100 Computer Concepts (Undergraduate, Assistant Professor).
  • INFS 770 Advanced Data mining (Graduate, Teaching Assistant).



Business Analytics and Health Informatics

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Ahmed's research is multidisciplinary in Business Analytics and Health Informatics. He has published peer-reviewed articles in top-tier journals and conferences such as the Journal of Association of Information Systems (JAIS) and the International Conference for Information Systems (ICIS).