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Antony Field

Antony Field

CO PI, Associate Professor


UEC - Miscellaneous Projects & Grants
Office Phone(909) 537-5539
Office LocationSB-119
Associate Professor
Political Science
Office Phone(909) 537-5539
Office LocationSB-119


BA (Hons) British Politics and Legislative Studies, University of Hull, United Kingdom. MS Defense and Strategic Studies, Missouri State University, USA. MA International Relations Research, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. PhD International Relations, University of Warwick, United Kingdom.


PSCI 300 - Western Political Systems
PSCI 400 - International Politics
PSCI 484 - National Security Policy
PSCI 590 - Political Intelligence
PSCI 606 - International Terrorism
PSCI 621 - Strategic Intelligence

Research and Teaching Interests

My research and teaching are focused on the subjects of intelligence and counterterrorism. In particular, I am interested in debates surrounding the 'new terrorism', the improvement of analytical tradecraft and the appropriate role of intelligence in a liberal democracy. Currently, I am a member of the International Association for Intelligence Education, the International Association of Crime Analysts, the British International Studies Association and the International Studies Association.


Antony Field (2009) 'The ‘New Terrorism’: Revolution or Evolution?', Political Studies Review, 7 (2), 195–207.

Antony Field (2009). 'Tracking terrorist networks: problems of intelligence sharing within the UK intelligence community', Review of International Studies, 35(4), 997-1009.

Richard J. Aldrich and Antony Field (2011) ‘Security and Intelligence in the United Kingdom’, in Colin Hay et al, Developments in British Politics: 9, London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Conference Papers:

Antony Field, ‘The New Terrorism’, presented at the British International Studies Association, Annual Conference, University of Exeter, December 2008.

Antony Field, ‘The Changing Nature of Counter-Terrorism’, presented at the ISSS/ISAC Conference, Providence, Rhode Island, October 2010.

Antony Field, ‘The CIA and Counterterrorism Intelligence’, presented at the AHRC ‘Landscapes of Secrecy' Conference, Nottingham, May 2011.

Antony Field, 'Rethinking the Intelligence War Against Al Qaeda', presented at the CSIIS 'Past, Present and Future of Intelligence' Conference, Wales, May 2013.