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Management Employees Advertising (Vacant Positions)

Management Employees Advertising (Vacant Positions)

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Approved By: President Karnig on

RESPONSIBLE DEPARTMENT: Associate Vice President of Human Resources, 909/537-5138

Section 903 --- Personnel Policies, Rules and Regulations

Recruitment advertising for MPP positions will be conducted in those elements of the media that would provide the best response. Far reaching publications such as the Los Angeles Times and specific publications such as the Chronicle of Higher Education may be utilized, along with other media and/or periodicals related to the specialization of the position. Media directed toward affirmative action groups such as minorities, women and the disabled is to be utilized, especially if there is an affirmative action objective for a particular recruitment.

All advertising costs will be the responsibility of the department with the vacancy. Sufficient lead time should be allowed for the advertisement to be placed and a response period following the date the recruitment ad appears.