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Funding Sources

The ORSP subscribes to a number of Grant Information Finders for the use of the University community. The most useful and comprehensive national databases are listed and linked here:

  • SPIN - Use their searchable database to locate funding opportunities or create an online profile that will provide daily emails about new programs as they become public.
  • Grants.Gov - A useful searchable database and automated announcement service for all federal competitive grant programs and what has become the major gateway for electronic grant submissions to all competitive grant opportunities from all federal grant-making agencies.
  • Thomas – Library of Congress site with links to all federal agency sites.
  • California – CA. gov site with links to state agencies offering grants.
  • Google US Government - Useful for topic searches with word grant.
  • - Non-profit organization searches with free access to 990 PF's tax returns.
  • Pfau Library - Databases and Resources.