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Preparing for MUN Conferences

Knowing More and Changing Your Perspective About Yourself and the World

All students who participate in the CSUSB - MUN program at CSUSB will go through an academic curriculum that will prepare them to excel both at the CSUSB - MUN and in the outside world. Many students who have participated in CSUSB - MUN would testify that it is one of the most challenging and at the same time rewarding things they did in college and also one of the most difficult ones as well! 

Students gain an in-depth understanding of the United Nations (UN) and the UN system, the Member State (country) they are presenting and the region under study. Additionally, students gain a better understanding of what they are capable of and what they can achieve in life. We are not exaggerating when we claim that "Life changing" is the most common phrase you will hear from alumni of the CSUSB - MUN program.

The Formula for Success and Growth at CSUSB - MUN:

The Three 'P' Plus 1 (3Ps+1)

The CSUSB - MUN Program prepares to participate in National Model United Nations conferences using a formula that is known as the 3Ps +1 formula. We grade each other and the entire class on 3Ps+1 at the end of every practice session on Fridays. Each student gets to evaluate his/her/their entire team using these three characteristics. These are the pillars of CSUSB - MUN program and they help students excel at the conference and in their everyday lives. 

Passion: perhaps the most important element needed for any person to succeed in the CSUSB - MUN is to be passionate about more than just a grade. Passionate about humans, animals, and the environment. Passionate about the future of our species, and many others. Passionate about finding solutions to some of the most wicked problems of this world. Passionate to fight for the powerless and passionate about being the voice of the voiceless. Without passion, none of the other Ps matter at all. Passion is the spine of everything we do. Without passion for this work, one will NOT succeed!

Professionalism: the second most important element is professionalism. Professionalism guides the way we see ourselves and we see others. It is the rule we treat ourselves and treat others. It is with the use of absolute professionalism that we carry ourselves, have dialogue, agree or disagree, cooperate, delegate, and how we get things done! 

Procedure: procedure is referring to the "rules of the game" if you will. Just like in sports, there are rules in the CSUSB - MUN and in the NMUN conferences. These rules govern the way diplomats, countries, entities, and institutions work with one another. An NMUN conference without procedure is just like a sports game without any rules. Who gets to speak, how to talk to one another, how to write, how to interact, and much more are covered by the procedures. 

Preparation: what we mean by preparation can be summarized as "the substance" of our work. All the information about who we are, what are the issues we are working on, why are we doing what we are doing, how should we fix the problems. All of this information comes to be the result of extensive preparation we do in our training. These preparations are centered around reenacting conference sessions, writing policy papers, giving speeches, raising motions, etc. without extensive preparation, success would be illusive!