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Preparing for MUN Conferences

Knowing More and Changing Your Perspective About Yourself and the World

All students who participate in the Model United Nations (MUN) Programs at CSUSB will go through an academic curriculum that will prepare them to excel both at the MUN Conferences and outside of MUN. Many students who have participated in MUN at CSUSB say it is one of the most rewarding things they did in college and also one of the most difficult ones! Students gain an in-depth understanding of the United Nations (UN) and the UN system, the country they are presenting and the region under study. Additionally, students gain a better understanding of what they are capable of and what they can achieve in life. 'Life changing' is the most common phrase you will hear from alumni of the CSUSB MUN Programs. 

Coursework for the Model United Nations Program

Model UN Courses (Fall 2020 and Beyond)

As of Fall 2020 (with the conversion of CSUSB to a semester campus), new courses will be rolled out in association with the Model UN Program. Beginning in Fall 2020, GEOG 5150 (Global Governance and the United Nations System) will be offered every semester and it is open to any student who wants to learn more about the UN system and world governance. This course will also fulfill the upper-division social science GE requirement. Additionally, it will satisfy the Global Connections General Education Pathway and the GE designation G (Global Perspective). For those who will be on the teams, the following course requirements will be required to be on the MUN teams.

First-time MUN team members -- The first time CSUSB students are invited to serve on the CSUSB MUN team, they are required to enroll in GEOG 5150 or have taken the course previously and also the associated MUN practicum class (GEOG 5755 for the Fall Semester and GEOG 5756 for the Spring Semester).

Returning MUN team members -- Once students have been a member of the CSUSB MUN program and have taken the GEOG 5150 course, they are only required to take either GEOG 5755 or GEOG 5756 for those other semesters they are on the CSUSB MUN team.  Returning CSUSB MUN team members are NOT required to take GEOG 5150 when coming back to be in the MUN program.

The Formula for Success and Growth -- The Three 'Ps' Plus 1 (3Ps+1)

The CSUSB MUN Program prepares to participate in MUN conferences using a formula that is known as the 3Ps +1 formula (Preparation, Procedure, and Professionalism + Passion).  Each of these pillars of the CSUSB MUN Program helps students to excel at the conference and also in their everyday lives.