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Mission of the MUN Program

2022 CSUSB MUN team NYC
2022 CSUSB MUN team NYC

The most important mission of the CSUSB Model UN (CSUSB - MUN) is to create a great learning experience for students. The MUN is a safe but thriving environment for all to flourish and make life-long friends while learning and growing. 

The MUN program is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to challenge themselves to one of the most rigorous but rewarding experiences CSUSB has to offer. 

The MUN program is dedicated to inclusivity. We do not just invite people of all background. We NEED people of all backgrounds! From biology, to history, from Conservative to Progressive, and from freshmen to graduate students there is a place for you on the CSUSB - MUN team.   

Please make sure you read the Overview of the program and understand what is expected of you when joining the team.