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Bibiana Diaz

Bibiana Diaz (CV):  Dr. Diaz holds a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism, a Masters degree in Latin Literature and Linguistics from California State University,  Long beach and a  PhD from the University of California at Irvine in Latin American Culture and Theater with an emphasis Gender and transnational cultural fields.

Work Experience: Dr. Diaz has extensive experience in community outreach. In her daily pedagogical practice, Professor  Diaz is an advocate for migrant students and their families. It was through her engagement with migrant students that the idea of a CSUSB CAMP grant proposal first took form. Outside of the classroom, as the Director of Acta Latino Student Theater Group, she has worked tirelessly with first generation college students at CSUSB (many of whom are migrant workers or are children of migrant workers), so as to produce theater plays by El Teatro Campesino (Migrant worker Theater), a  theater company which touches on the themes of life in the fields and workers' rights.


Fabian Borges

Fabian Borges (CV): I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at California State University, San Bernardino specializing in comparative politics and international political economy with a regional focus on Latin America. My research explores two central topics within comparative politics and political economy: the politics of social policy under globalization and the role of legislatures in shaping major economic reforms.

Carmen Jany

Carmen Jany (CV): I am an Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. My PhD in Spanish is from the University of Zurich (2001) and my PhD in Linguistics is from the University of California, Santa Barbara (2007). My research centers around the documentation of indigenous languages and their grammatical and sound systems, in particular Mixean languages spoken in Mexico. I teach courses in Spanish, Linguistics, Anthropology, and Humanities. Currently, I am the coordinator for Latin American Studies. My courses: SPAN 314, 322, 516 HUM 335, 576 

Eric Bayruns Garcia

Eric Bayruns GarcĂ­a (website): I specialize in philosophy of race and epistemology. I focus on epistemological questions raised by race and racial injustice. I also work on the nature of race concepts and categories and the degree to which, if any, we are disposed to categorize each other using them. I also have teaching interests in Latin American philosophy, philosophy of hip hop, ethics, social-and-political philosophy, philosophy of mind and philosophy of cognitive science.

Teresa Velasquez

Teresa Velasquez (CV): I have spent over a decade examining the cultural and political significance of mineral conflicts in the Ecuadorian Andes. I am interested in new forms of social protest that rally human and other-than-human entities into political struggles against mineral extraction and towards a greater democratization of development practices. As anti-mining activists increasingly draw upon the language and practices of indigenous cosmologies recognized in law, I trace shifts in their individual and collective identities by drawing attention to the ways in which activists redefine the meaning of indigeneity. My work has been published in academic journals, edited volumes, and online publications. Currently, I am working on a book length manuscript of my ongoing research. My research and teaching interests include decolonizing and collaborative research methodologies, indigenous politics, environmentalism, neoliberalism, and gender/feminist theory. In the LAS minor program, I regularly teach the Anthropology of South America (ANTH 3702R).

Michal Kohout

Michal Kohout (CV): Professor, Geography. Research interests include Cultural economy (political economy + cultural geography + economic geography), labor studies, U.S.-Mexico border, Inland Empire, Mexico. Courses taught include Social geography, US-Mexico border, Geography of Developed World, Introduction to Human geography, Urban geography.

Esteban Cordoba

Esteban Cordoba (CV): Assistant Professor, World Languages & Literatures