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Leslie Amodeo

Center for Global Innovation building, Faculty in the News
June 26, 2023

Kimberly Cousins (chemistry and biochemistry) was interviewed about Colton residents’ concern over their water quality, Mike Stull (entrepreneurship) discussed two IECE programs moving to the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce office building, and Leslie Amodeo (psychology) co-authored a study on the use of a Fitbit-like device in rats as part of the research to measure the long-term effects of adolescent binge drinking.

Chemical Sciences bldg, Faculty in the News
April 12, 2023

Stuart Sumida (biology) served as a consultant on a new TV series, “Jane,” Angie Otiniano Verissimo (health science and human ecology) is one of the moderators for a program with activist Angela Davis, and Leslie Amodeo (psychology) led a team of researchers from CSUSB that examined one of two core symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorder.