Videos of the sessions from the first California-Mexico Binational Higher Education Meeting, which took place at Metropolitan Autonomous University (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana) in Mexico City on Feb. 23, are now available online.

The second California-Mexico Binational Higher Education Meeting will take place Sept. 27 at the Latino Education and Advocacy Days (LEAD) Summit at Cal State San Bernardino.

The objective of the binational meetings, “Building Academic Exchange Bridges Across Borders (California-Mexico and Beyond) 2024,” are to:

  • Promote an educational and cultural exchange program between California and Mexico (and beyond), based on the need to build a long-term binational academic exchange plan (2024-2030), through a network of higher education institutions, researchers, teachers, legislators and students of the region on both sides of the international border.
  • Promote research, teaching and dissemination of problems related to the migration of Mexicans to the United States, their insertion into American society and their economic and cultural contributions to both countries.
  • Define educational projects of academic extension and collaboration based on the proposals and discussions held at both binational higher education meetings.

The sessions can be viewed on the LEAD CSUSB YouTube channel at “El Plan de San Bernardino.”

In addition, they can also be watched at the following:

Inauguración – “Creando puentes de intercambio académico a través de la frontera”

MESA I. Las distintas dimensiones de la exicana exicana en California: retos y oportunidades transnacionales

MESA II. Los contenidos del programa de cooperación académica integral California-México

Mesa III. Encuentro y Diálogo entre estudiantes México y California

MESA IV. Políticas públicas de apoyo al programa de cooperación académica: convenios interinstitucionales, nacionales y binacionales; apoyos legislativos y clausura