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CSUSB professor discusses privacy and ethical considerations for extended reality settings
CITI Program

Mihaela Popescu, CSUSB professor of media studies and faculty director of the Extended Reality for Learning Lab (xREAL), was a guest on the “On Tech Ethics with CITI Program” podcast to discuss privacy considerations for extended reality settings. One area Popescu is focused on is on data collection and privacy for users of the technology.

“So, I’m fascinated by the many ways in which current technologies, platforms, applications manage to collect data from people,” she said during the interview. “So, first of all, I think we should keep in mind that XR (extended reality) creates an entirely new ecology of data collection.”

Will young men vote for Trump in 2024?
American Storylines
Feb. 22, 2024

An article co-written by Meredith Conroy, CSUSB professor of political science, on perceptions of Donald Trump’s masculinity (“Trump’s rivals can’t compete with his version of masculinity” on FiveThirtyEight) was quoted by pollster Daniel Cox in his blog post on Trump’s apparent growing popularity among young men.

Conroy, with Amelia Thomson-Deveaux, wrote: “[Trump has] been particularly adept at invoking the feeling among a chunk of American men and women that traditional forms of masculinity are losing power and convincing those people that he’s the candidate best positioned to defend them.”

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