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Female Candidates’ Incumbency and Quality (Dis)Advantage in Local Elections
Journal of Women, Politics & Policy

Meredith Conroy (political science) co-authored a paper that examined “women’s electoral success at lower lower-level offices to eliminate the gender gap among elected officials in the United States. To help understand women’s success as local candidates, we ask: is there a difference in electoral performance between men and women with political experience who run for local office?”

Detecting Communities at High-Risk of IUU Fishing: Networks of Shadow Encounters in Area 81 of the Western Central Pacific
Frontiers in Marine Science

Gisela Bichler and Nerea Marteache (criminal justice) led a team that published a paper on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing – a serious environmental crime that has severe economic, social and security implications. They wrote in the abstract: “Using data from Global Fishing Watch, this study investigates repeat transshipment events among vessels observed to operate in the U.N. FAO Area 81 during 2015-2021.”

Health disparity in digital health technology design
Health and Technology

Yawen Li (social work) was part of a team that published a recent study that examined the rapid development of digital health technology, how it has transformed current medical practice, and how the lack of consideration for underserved groups during design process can exacerbate the existing health disparities, leading to unequal access to health care information and potentially worsen the health outcome.

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