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Iowa caucuses 2024: Trump projected to win, DeSantis 2nd
538 and ABC News
Jan. 15, 2024

Meredith Conroy (political science and contributor to 538) was one of the panelists who participated in a live chat during the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 15, won by Donald Trump. Throughout the night, 538 reporters and contributors broke down the results in Iowa in real time with live updates, analysis and commentary. In her final thoughts for the night, she said, “(The) New Hampshire (primary) is a different animal, and that race is soon enough that narratives about Trump's dominance could crack a little. We'll be here for that one, too!”

Hate crimes on the rise in Delaware, nationwide. Here are the numbers
The News Journal (Delaware) via Yahoo!News
Jan. 18, 2024

Brian Levin, the founder of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, was quoted in an article about the increase in hate crimes in Delaware.

He pointed out on the lack of consistency and uniformity in reporting hate crimes that may lead to underreporting them. For example, Levin said, there’s no national reporting mandate. Those agencies that do report to the FBI may have different definitions of what constitutes a hate crime, he said, while some states, such as South Carolina, don’t even have hate crime laws.

‘Science Advisors in Science Fiction’ panel at Los Angeles Comic Con 2023
Star Warsologies
Jan. 13, 2024

Stuart Sumida (biology) was one of the panelists featured in a panel discussion/podcast posted recently by “Star Warsologies” that took place at the Los Angeles Comic Con 2023 Dec. 1-3. Melissa Miller (science writer) moderated this panel of scientists who consult on everything from books and video games to the MCU and Disney animation. Along with Sumida (“How to Train Your Dragon,” “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”), panelist included registered nurse Toby Wareham (“9-1-1: Lone Star,” “How to Get Away with Murder”), physicist Clifford Johnson (“Avengers: Infinity War,” “ Paper Girls”), biologist Elizabeth Rega (“Strange World,” “ The Lion King”), and stem cell scientist Ron Coleman (Joe Ledger book series).

Supporting Learning Differences: Effects of Cognitive Training on Cognitive Abilities in a School-Based Sample
Education Sciences

CSUSB child development faculty Lisa Looney, Eugene Wong and Kevin Rosales, along Jennifer Bacon of the CSUSB Institute for Child Development and Family Relations and Dudley Wiest of Wiest Neuropsychology Inc., published a study on the effectiveness of computerized cognitive training (CCT) in which they examined “the efficacy of a CCT program implemented within the academic day for all students attending a private school.”

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